Medicinal Herbs Garden

Medicinal Herbs Garden covers an area of 2.8 hectares. It utilizes the existing tall arbors and dense scrubs to form a good environment for the growth of medicinal plants and these plants of different ecological environments are cultivated according to the change of water and terrain.

The garden grows several hundred kinds of herbs such as adenophora stricta, Chinese pulsatilla root, tiger lily, acanthopanax and smilacina japonica, many of which are collected from the mountain area of Northeast. The garden gate is formed uniquely with two interwining ancient calabash gourds of a hundred years old, vividly reflecting the ancient cultural feature and the special character of herb. The garden has plenty of water and scenes are designed based on the terrain including the brooks and streams, pavilions along the water and bridges and verandas, making the garden full of life.

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