Coniferous Trees Garden

Coniferous Trees Garden covers an area of 1.8 hectares and grow over 50 species of needle-leaved trees commonly seen in Northeast.

Red pines, black pines and firs proudly stand in the garden with broad-leaved trees and shrubs scattered in between. Green pines and verdant cypresses, tall and straight, remain green throughout the year; shrubs are densely distributed, and the grass is so green; little paths wind their way to secluded quiet places; what a great forest scene. You can visit the garden in any season of the year and spring is the best time because the pines start to produce tender green after sleeping for a whole winter. In summer and autumn, the tree crown, like a cover, provides an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the cool. When winter comes, Coniferous Trees are covered with snow and the pines and firs in thousands of postures stand proudly in the jade like snow, showing an awe-inspiring  appearance  and a unique spirit.

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